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About Showcase Classics

Showcase Classics is a car show event company owned & operated by Bob & Maribel Gamboa. Cars, trucks & motorcycles have always been a big part of our livelihood and hobbies. Each year we strive to create the best car event experiences for you the participant and/or for you the spectator. Showcase Classics is known for its professional staff and qualified judges. We bring together great people with great cars to display & reminisce about the good old days. We are known for our just and unbiased judging. We believe the vehicle should win the award, not the person or group with the most friends.

Thank you for choosing to attend a Showcase Classics event. We feel our proven car show formula guarantees that you will have a great time. Car enthusiasts are people who can appreciate and enjoy classic cars and all the nostalgia that comes with them. We love all makes and models of Fords, Chevys, Mopars, Imports, along with special interest vehicles. Each event is a different party and attracts a vast array of different vehicles. Along with the Car Show, each event offers family orientated activities unique to each location.

Thank you for helping us to be the best.

Our past car show seasons have demonstrated to us that our proven formula guarantees successful events. We listen to our participants and clients and all the improvements introduced these past years have been well received.

 This year we will once again offer 33 classes and 100+ Large trophies at every car show.

Our trophies are always exceptional, the envy of our competitors.

  Every show will feature a minimum of 100+ full color sublimated dash plaques.

Most shows have stopped giving custom dash plaques due to their high cost.

 All our shows are judged by our 100 point system by reputable judges.

Most of our competitors exploit participant voting which lacks credibility. This lazy method usually allows the person with the most friends to win.

 Our events are bonded and includes a million dollar backup insurance rider.

Our knowledge and experience insures a safe and professional show.

 Our full color Showcase Calendar of events is in a class by itself.

This new Web site is now more informative and user friendly.

 Our equipment is state of the art.

Computerized registration & tallying– Self contained enclosed trailer – High performance music sound and DJ system.

 Entertainment wise our Bob's Machine Gun Bingo is always a hit.

This past year we invented our own Showcase "Deal or No Deal" game and the attendees are going wild over it. We are flattered that others are already trying to copy our games.

We are always open minded and eager to work with you on new ideas or concepts that can make events better. No one can match our value, dollar for dollar, or even come close to doing what we do best. We also offer Specialty Trophies, custom T-Shirts, and personalized items.

Showcase classics is - nostalgia - great people - and great classic cars.

What can we do for you?

[Toll Free: 1-866-4RSHOWS] [Copyright - All World Rights Reserved by Showcase Classics . 19200 S. Wolf Road . Mokena, IL 60448]